Cyber Security Specialist

Level 4 Apprenticeship
Cyber Security Technologist 2021

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Who is this programme for?

Cyber attacks and infringements are deployed by hackers to cause maximum disruption to an organisation. To protect customers, reputation and the associated economic consequences, organisations are looking to hire and develop specialists to combat this. This programme helps kick start a career for those aspiring to make a difference and be at the cutting edge of combatting hackers, criminals and fraudsters. Typical job roles include:

  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Cyber Risk Analyst
  • Cyber Defender Analyst
  • Cyber Operations Manager

How does Davies deliver?

Our programme is built around a professional apprenticeship. The learning is wrapped around and incorporates daily work, this is supplemented by ‘off the job’ development, which on average accounts for 6 hours per week (completed within paid time). Access to all of our training content is via our digital platforms enabling 100% remote delivery. This incorporates:

  • Virtual classroom learning & workshops
  • Online learning (accessed via PC or mobile)
  • 121 coaching & support from industry practitioners

What does the programme cover?

This programme will develop Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours and will provide people with the awareness and capabilities required to accelerate their career in Cyber Security.


Principles of Networks | Operating Systems | Cyber Security Concepts | Attack Techniques | Response Processes | Cryptography | Risk Assessment | Programming Languages


System Vulnerabilities | Security Analysis | Threats | Investigation Techniques | Teamwork | Troubleshooting Encryption Techniques | Managing Responses


Logical & Analytical Thinking | Demonstrating Initiative | Collaboration | Problem Solving | Professionalism

Davies are “utilising” the technical content and curricula developed by
Code Nation. This partnership agreement allows Davies to benefit from
Code Nation’s expertise and resources in software and cyber programmes
over the last 4 years, thereby addressing a significant need voiced by
employers. By utilising Code Nation’s content and Davies Group expertise in
Insurance & Financial Services Apprenticeships, this provides an outstanding
and contextualised learning experience and provides greater value to our

Programme details

Level 4 Apprenticeship

Duration: 21 Months
Funding Band: £18,000

Entry requirements
  • To have the right to work in the UK
  • To have lived in the UK/EEA continuously for the past three years
  • At least a grade 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English
  • To have passed the Davies aptitude test
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