Accelerating growth through recruitment and onboarding for pet insurer start-up

  • Achieved ‘double-unicorn’ status in Q2 of 2021
  • Received 5-star customer review for a Davies-trained recruit within days of starting the role
  • Increased potential for growth via resourcing and learning


The specialist pet insurer approached Davies to help recruit at least 30 claims handlers, who were ready and raring to go on their first day on the job. But with an induction and onboarding programme that wasn’t established to manage such a high number of recruits, we needed to help with both the recruitment strategy and also develop a complete onboarding programme that was tailored to the client.

How we helped

Over a six-month period, we helped the insurer recruit for roles covering a wide range of skill sets from Technical Claims and Team Leaders to Insight Analysts, and sales and operational roles. This involved creating job descriptions and person specifications, designing a candidate attraction strategy, screening and interviewing candidates, and dealing with the offer process for successful candidates.

We also devised and developed a bespoke induction and onboarding programme. Key elements of this programme included creating a curriculum plan and the materials for it, as well as three digital learning modules to support the retention of knowledge in a creative format.


Over the 12-month period we supported the client through, we saw it go from a start-up, through scale-up and onto double-unicorn status by Q2 of 2021, going from strength-to-strength. In addition to this, learner feedback on the onboarding programme was all positive, with one new recruit who underwent our training receiving 5-star feedback within days on the job.

Adam Eckersely

Head of Digital Experiences


Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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