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We operate globally to develop knowledge & skills to enable organisational and personal growth. We develop bespoke solutions that ensure efficient, sustainable & trackable experiences that deliver real results.

We deliver bespoke immersive, contextualised learning experiences on any device at any time, specialising in the following areas:

Operational teams are fundamental to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ensuring they have access to the right knowledge, skills and behavioural development is crucial for success. Our CX based digital experiences are designed to help your teams deliver an effective and efficient customer experience. Our experiences can include:

  • Persona-based learning journeys
  • Intelligent experiences that adapt to the learners evolving knowledge and needs
  • Empathetic scenario-based experiences that allow learners to be ‘in the shoes’ of the customer

Blending onboarding with digital content, allows organisations to provide their new starters with a connected and progressive experience. This has been proven to improve retention and increase speed to competence.

Transforming your onboarding programme can include:

  • Preboarding tool kits to set your people up for success
  • Customer driven insights woven through the programme
  • A modular approach to increase speed to competence
  • Product & system simulations allowing learners to get ‘hands on’
  • Self-paced learning to personalise their journey.

Upskilling and reskilling is crucial when transforming workforces to drive productivity, innovation and growth. Anticipating the right skills for the future, whilst laying the cultural foundation and building a more agile and adaptable workforce is a challenge. We create solutions that empower learners to develop new skills, stay relevant in the modern workplace and deliver operational performance. Our approach to upskilling and reskilling solutions include:

  • In-the-moment micro modules
  • Immersive scenario-based experiences
  • Data informed content

Leadership development is a fundamental to organisational growth. We recognise the transformation that’s happening in terms of how leaders want to learn and consume content. Our digital leadership experiences are designed to promote innovation and continuous improvement, allowing leaders to access help when they need it, realising results as soon as possible. 

Our leadership solutions include:

  • Digital toolkits packed with content to sustain knowledge
  • Reflective, experiential based learning experiences for deeper knowledge – such as EQ
  • Tactical bitesize leadership essential solutions, on topics such as, mindset, wellbeing and performance management.

Creating immersive digital experiences for systems and process training helps to significantly reduce errors, improve efficiency and ensure employees have the right skills and knowledge to operate systems and processes effectively.  Simulations allow learning to take place in a safe environment before transitioning seamlessly (and with vastly reduced risk) to real systems. Our approach includes:

  • Simulation-based experiences for hands on practice
  • Continuous improvement solutions to retain processes
  • Micro-content tool kits to sustain knowledge

Digital learning is a valuable tool to delivering regulatory and compliance training at pace. We ensure learners receive the necessary knowledge, through engaging content that is specific to them, whilst still complying with regulatory requirements, minimising the risks and costs related to non-compliance. 

How we make compliance engaging:

  • Adaptive content that provides personalised compliance journeys to each individual
  • Digital toolkits to ensure compliance when support is needed
  • A learning retention tool that helps reenforce knowledge to maintain compliance

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