Maximising learning management system for a market-leading insurance company: Improving engagement, efficiency, and business KPIs

  • Rebranded and relaunched LMS with a focus on digital strategy
  • Established role-specific learning pathways for existing employees and new hires
  • Saved up to $40,000 and increased capability for future learning initiatives


A British multinational general insurance company faced a challenge in maximising the use of its in-house learning management system (LMS). They realised that the system’s content was not engaging, outdated, and not reaching the intended employees. In addition, the data and insight capabilities of the LMS were not being fully exploited, resulting in missed opportunities to drive business KPIs. The company sought Davies’ expertise to assess the LMS’s potential and restructure the service and sales organisation accordingly.

How we helped

Davies Learning Experiences worked closely with the company’s stakeholders to gather information through focus groups, interviews, and surveys, which led to the creation of a detailed ‘Report of Findings’ containing insights and recommendations. Based on the findings, Davies proposed a multifaceted approach to address the challenges.

Firstly, Davies suggested changing the mode of content creation to offer more engaging, interactive, and bite-sized learning experiences. Next, they focused on establishing a clear link between learning offerings and measurable business outcomes. The LMS was then rebranded and relaunched in line with the company’s ‘Digital First’ strategy.

To foster an environment conducive to learning, Davies recommended creating learning spaces within call centres, allowing learners to study away from their desks. They also emphasised the importance of allocating dedicated personal learning time in capacity planning. Another significant aspect was developing role-specific learning pathways for all key roles, catering to both existing employees and new hires.

Lastly, Davies introduced Errol Owl for knowledge retention and the gamification of content, making the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable for the employees.


Davies’ recommendations helped the company avoid investing in a replacement LMS, saving them up to $40,000 and allowing them to focus on modernising content and enhancing business KPIs. By rebranding the LMS, creating learner pathways, and dedicating learning time, the company was able to produce content that engaged learners and positively impacted business metrics. The new approach increased the capability for future learning initiatives, drove digital adoption, and improved overall performance.


Adam Eckersely

Head of Digital Experiences


Lee Russell

Consulting Director

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