Developing leadership behaviours to drive change

Helping regulated organisations achieve breakthrough results by building next generation leadership, unlocking the value of experts & creating cultures of high performance.

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We understand people. And we’re experts in regulated markets. We have created an outstanding range of programmes and resources that enable our clients to enhance their individual, team and organisational performance.

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Participants of our programmes typically demonstrate 10-15% increase in productivity and drive up the return on investment from change programmes.

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Through aligning behaviours to business vision, Leaders create increased success rates in cross-business initiatives, greater efficiency in their execution and more effective decision making.

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We help build behaviours at scale, participants of our programmes build better relationships across the organisation and the investment in their development is proven to increase retention & contribution.

We accelerate sustained performance by equipping people with the tools, skills and confidence to deliver faster, with less risk.

Leadership performance is critical for success. We offer a suite of fully customisable solutions for future leaders through to C-Suite. We assess, profile, benchmark and develop next generation, high performing, modern day leaders. Our solutions develop common leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours across large populations and align their focus to creating breakthroughs in performance and results.

Culture is formed from behaviours at scale.  Our experts help facilitate change and build organisational strength by re-aligning individual and team behaviours to a desired purpose, vision and culture.  Our solutions help: 

  • Create high functioning, collaborative teams
  • Drive a culture fit for the future
  • Mobilise breakthrough teams to access unprecedented levels of performance

Through our programmes hundreds of Financial Services clients have successfully created organisational agility by building high performing communities to develop strategic capabilities. We will help you to boost productivity and drive up the return on investment from change programmes.

Increasing the commercial and organisational impact of your experts and specialists unlocks hidden and greater value. We have helped to develop thousands of technical experts and specialists working in roles such as software engineering and infrastructure architecture. Our suite of solutions helps you:

  • Create business driven engineering cultures
  • Build pipelines of motivated, retained and connected expert talent
  • Increase the organisational impact of experts

Our qualified and accredited coaches offer tailored coaching and mentoring to support leaders through times of change. Our coaching prepares leaders for success as they start a new role or take on increased responsibilities using a research based approach that enables us to track the impact. Whilst suitable for individuals, the greatest impact is achieved when deployed at scale enabling teams to form quickly and unlocking high performance. We help with:

  • Assessing, profiling and benchmarking leaders
  • Building pipelines of next generation leaders
  • Developing common skills across large populations

Our entire range of customisable programmes can be delivered globally, blending the following:

Expert Consultants

interactive virtual classrooms, in-person events & train-the-trainer.

Digital Learning

Adaptive, digital learning & multimedia content; mobile enabled and accessible anytime, anywhere.


1:1 coaching & support from experienced & engaging experts.

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