Driving organisational improvement with an Aspiring Manager capability-building programme

  • 300 aspiring leaders participated in the Accelerated Development Programme
  • A significant step change in delivery from the leadership cohort
  • Improved engagement and a better understanding of business stakeholders’ needs, resulting in delivering solutions that tackle root causes instead of symptoms


A tier 2 bank was facing multiple challenges with its aspiring leaders in technology, including a lack of collaboration, weak interaction with the business, poor communication, and a rush to solutions before understanding root causes. The bank needed a solution to build the confidence and capability of its aspiring leadership to lead more effectively, which led to the bank engaging Davies.

How we helped

Davies implemented the Accelerated Development Programme, which included project work to focus on the application of learning to real organisational issues. The programme helped 300 aspiring leaders develop their leadership skills, build confidence, and enhance their capability to lead more effectively.


As a result of Davies’ Accelerated Development Programme, the bank saw a significant step change in delivery from the aspiring leadership cohort. Additionally, a new network was created across the organisation, significantly increasing the sharing of best practices and support of ongoing development. Business stakeholders reported improved engagement, a better understanding of their needs, and delivery of solutions/advice that tackled root causes instead of symptoms. Overall, the bank saw a considerable improvement in the capability of its aspiring managers.

Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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