Leadership capability development programme drives positive change in international trading exchange

  • Improved leadership and management scores by 15% in their impact on the employee experience
  • Attrition rates in technology dropped by 8%
  • Created practical clarity on the role of a technology manager


An international trading exchange faced challenges with structural and strategic changes while driving out cost and productivity gains. As a result, it sought Davies’ assistance to upskill the capability of managers within its technology organisation in order to cope with these changes effectively.

How we helped

Davies designed a management development programme of five half-day modules that focused on themes such as:

  • Problem-solving in a complex world
  • Communicating business value
  • Working together
  • Driving change with agility
  • Owning the future

The programme involved internal, senior role models as guest speakers, who demonstrated what best practice looks like in the organisation. Coaching circles were set up and facilitated to drive the application of the learning to internal challenges and reinforce the themes of the programme.


As a result of Davies’ management development programme, the organisation achieved practical clarity on the role of a technology manager for the first time. Attrition rates in technology dropped by 8% points, indicating that employees were more engaged and satisfied with their jobs.

Leadership and management scores improved by 15% points in their impact on the employee experience, showing that managers were better equipped to communicate with their teams and provide value to the organisation. Overall, the programme was a success for the international trading exchange, driving positive change in their technology organisation.

Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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