Building a talent pipeline with a world-leading insurance company: Creating early years and graduate insurance programmes

  • Over 60 apprentices supported in their insurance careers
  • 80% of early career apprentices completed programmes with Davies
  • Expanded graduate programme to develop future insurance leaders


A leading insurance company with a long-standing history in the market is committed to nurturing a strong pipeline of talent to support the growth and diversification of the industry in a constantly evolving risk landscape. Davies was brought in to help the insurance company develop early career and graduate insurance programmes aimed at attracting and cultivating fresh talent.

How we helped

For over five years, Davies has played a crucial role in the development and refinement of the insurance company’s early career and graduate insurance programmes. Davies helped create the 18-month entry-level Early Careers programme and the two-year Graduate programme, which offers comprehensive exposure to the London market and spans the entire insurance life cycle. These programmes provide a consistent flow of talent into the insurance market and syndicates.

Davies has continuously worked with the insurance company to improve programmes based on apprentice feedback and sector needs, ensuring adaptability and relevance. In 2020, Davies supported the expansion of the Graduate programme by developing the Business Graduate Programme to cultivate future insurance leaders.


Davies’ partnership with the leading insurance company has led to the support of over 60 apprentices in building their insurance careers. Graduates from the company’s programmes have advanced into various industry roles, with many apprentice alumni continuing to work in the sector. The 80% completion rate of early career apprentices demonstrates the success of these programmes in fostering entry-level talent in the insurance industry.

Victoria Miles

Consulting Director

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