Delivering AML remediation success for an investment management firm

  • Assembled a team of 20 AML experts within two weeks
  • Completed a review of 3,000 files under professional services oversight
  • Became the preferred provider for AML remediation services


A prominent investment management firm had previously engaged various resource providers and professional services firms to tackle regulatory issues, but the results were inconsistent. The firm tasked us with assembling a team of 20 AML experts with diverse experience and expertise, all within a challenging deadline. To meet this tight schedule, we suggested employing video interviewing and project management tools—a new approach for the client.

How we helped

We put together a well-balanced team, comprising 12 file reviewers, a project management team, and a quality assurance function. This team immediately focused on planning and executing the review of 3,000 files, supervised by a professional services advisor. The combination of seasoned subject matter experts and skilled junior resources ensured the team’s effectiveness and maintained the project budget.


From the initial brief, we managed to form, vet, and onboard the team in just over two weeks, satisfying the client’s stringent deadline. We faced challenges due to the rapid pace of delivery and the complexity of the work, but we conducted daily reviews with all stakeholders to address any emerging issues.

The project’s success led to a highly satisfied client and professional services firm. As a result, we became the preferred provider for AML remediation services. The client commended the use of video interviewing technology, stating it “dramatically enabled us to mobilise within extremely short timescales.”

Ben Wilson

VP Specialist Resourcing

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