Elevating team leader performance with blended learning at a leading global consumer brand 

  • 41% increase in team leaders’ confidence to coach their teams
  • 75% of team leaders reported an increase in performance in the three months following the training
  • Delivered customised training across three global locations


The client, a global consumer brand , sought to develop their team leaders across three international locations. They wanted to build on their existing training and create a more practical, blended, and advanced performance coaching solution. The primary goal was to deliver the core training in a classroom setting, supplemented by digital modules to accelerate competence and act as a resource.

How we helped

To deliver an impactful solution, we began by conducting a comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis to identify the coaching areas to focus on. This analysis revealed three key areas: emotional intelligence, coaching conversations, and delivering feedback.

We developed three digital modules on each topic to lay the groundwork, followed by two facilitated workshops to create a truly blended learning experience. Recognising the unique identity and playfulness of the brand, we carefully crafted the training materials to match the brand’s distinct look, feel, voice, and playfulness.

Our human-led sessions, delivered across three continents, combined psychometrics, tone of voice, coaching best practices, and cultural awareness to achieve exceptional outcomes for team leaders, laying the foundation for effective conversations with colleagues.


The solutions delivered across the three locations not only achieved positive evaluation results but also became a talking point for many other regions. As team leaders grew in confidence and skill, they contributed to improved people performance throughout the organisation.

This client acknowledged the importance of coaching and development within their business, and our series of interventions helped embed this globally and continue to drive performance up at team levels. Following the training, there was a 41% uplift in team leaders’ confidence to coach their teams, and 75% of team leaders reported an increase in performance in the three months after the training.

David Whittaker

Learning Experiences Consultant

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