Empowering domain experts with leadership skills

  • Unlocked the value of domain experts
  • Increased engagement levels in change and BAU activities
  • Boosted participants’ confidence and ability to provide commercial and organisational value


A European bank sought to unlock the potential of its domain experts by developing their leadership capabilities while maintaining their expert career paths. The bank’s primary goal was to equip these experts with the skills they needed to make a more significant impact within their fields.

How we helped

We tailored our ‘Expert as Leader’ programme to meet the specific needs of the European Bank’s domain experts from various departments, including Technology, Compliance, Data, Finance, Legal, and Marketing. The modified programme incorporated a series of webinars, a programme of 1:1 coaching, and a five-day boot camp for the participants.

The programme covered various subjects such as ‘Commercial Mindset’, ‘Operating with Agility’, ‘Driving Breakthroughs’, ‘The Art & Science of Leadership’, ‘Expert Brand’, and ‘Courageous Leadership’.


Our tailored ‘Expert as Leader’ programme had a significant impact on the European Bank’s domain experts. They acquired a new set of skills and capabilities that were previously unavailable to them. As a result, the engagement levels of participants in change and business-as-usual (BAU) activities increased, driving up efficiencies by avoiding rework.

Furthermore, the participants became more confident and better equipped to provide commercial and organisational value, enhancing their overall effectiveness within the bank.

Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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