Enhancing business satisfaction through a transformative commercial culture programme

  • 93% of participants rated the programme 5 stars
  • Successfully refocused managers’ approach to business conversations
  • Technology and Operations experienced a significant behavioural change


The global head of technology and operations at a prominent company expressed concerns about their organisation’s culture, which lacked a focus on value creation, with output being the primary measure. To address this issue, reduce operating costs, and significantly improve business satisfaction, the company sought the expertise of Davies.

How we helped

Davies devised a comprehensive five-module programme consisting of digital components designed to transform the capabilities of leaders in service functions, emphasising commerciality, conduct, and client service. The interactive modules, based on Davies’ proprietary intellectual property, covered essential areas such as “Stakeholder Value,” “Outcomes not Outputs,” “Breakthrough Thinking,” and “Execution with Agility.”

To support their development and ensure the successful implementation of the new commercial frameworks, the most senior managers received 1:1 coaching alongside the modules.


The programme was highly effective, with 93% of the 500 participants giving it a 5-star rating. Managers successfully restructured and refocused their conversations with the business using the new commercial frameworks introduced throughout the programme.

A post-programme survey highlighted a significant behavioural change within technology and operations, specifically in the areas of partnering and commercialism. As a result of Davies’ programme, the company experienced reduced operating costs and a notable increase in business satisfaction.

Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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