Enhancing customer satisfaction through large-scale complaints handling for a ‘Big 5’ bank

  • Mobilised over 1,000 specialists across five years
  • Fostered a relationship lasting over five years
  • Successfully mobilised resources within 2 weeks


One of the largest banks in the UK faced a challenge in addressing a large-scale complaints programme of work across two sites. They needed 250+ experienced remediation specialists to be identified, vetted, and on-site within two weeks. After a competitive RFI/RFP process, Davies was selected to provide a solution for this urgent need.

How we helped

Davies assembled a blended team of junior resources, experienced Case Handlers, QC/QA specialists, and Team Leaders to support the bank’s permanent team. The first group of resources was mobilised within a fortnight, followed by additional teams at two-week intervals. The initial team played a crucial role in onboarding subsequent teams.

Davies also invested in creating an on-site support team to manage the case handlers on a day-to-day basis. This support helped streamline the onboarding and orientation process, with the bank’s collaboration further accelerating the process.


Davies successfully mobilised teams across both Midlands and South sites within the specified timeframes. The blended team approach allowed for better management of the bank’s OPEX budgets during a time when cost control was critical. The success of the first project led to multiple contract extensions over a five-year period for complaints and remediation work, as well as additional project awards.

Ben Wilson

VP Specialist Resourcing


Mark Davies

Strategic Consulting Director

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