Enhancing diversity and inclusivity through compassionate leadership

  • Equipped 60 middle managers with the tools for diverse leadership
  • Improved DEI ratings within the investor services division
  • Adopted and implemented programme across the wider business


The Head of the Investor Services Division in a North American business identified the need to develop managers with the mindset and skills necessary for effective leadership in an increasingly diverse and inclusive world. The primary goal was to enable these managers to foster a more empathetic and action-driven approach towards their teams.

How we helped

We designed a three-module programme for 60 middle managers, with each module consisting of two days. The programme aimed to equip participants to become the leaders others need in a diverse and inclusive environment. The content focused on authentic and compassionate leadership, teaching participants how to effectively combine empathy and action. It also addressed superpower enhancement by utilising compassionate leadership core skills to empower others. Finally, the programme explored the concept of purpose, instructing participants on how to help others cultivate purpose in their work to drive motivation.


The programme equipped managers with the tools, language, and frameworks to engage in the ‘art’ of leading people, as opposed to the process-based ‘science’ that is often developed first. This led to several positive outcomes. The DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) ratings within the Investor Services Division increased, indicating improved management practices. Additionally, the wider business recognised the value of the programme and commissioned it for rollout across other divisions, demonstrating its broader applicability and success.

David Whittaker

Learning Experiences Consultant

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