Exceeding targets for call quality and customer interaction success for UK water supplier

  • Exceeded 20% call quality target
  • Increased training participation from 200 agents to 5,000 agents
  • Awarded Best Customer Experience Programme


Our client, a water supplier for the North-West of England, was experiencing a decline in agent call quality scores based on internal coaching assessments. The company reached out to Davies to reimagine their existing learning material both for intermediate interaction and sustainable improvement, for their agent teams which varied widely in age.

How we helped

Davies developed a programme entitled “Keeping Customers at the Heart” for the client, with a customer-centric mindset shift laid as the foundation on which all programme components were based. The material crafted was purpose-built to be engaging and interactive for agents of all ages.

We also developed an accelerated learning programme called Pulse8 which focused on the eight skills and behaviours crucial to customer service: listening, confident communication, ownership, proactivity, initiative, rapport, accuracy, and respect. As experts in learning innovators, we banished boring PowerPoints and gamified the training to create memorable, yet educational learning experiences for everyone.


Following completion of the programme, the company’s target of a 20% increase in call quality had been exceeded significantly with the agents consistently scoring 100%. The training was received so well that the programme was rolled out to cover 5,000 agents, following the initial 200 who underwent the initial training.

Following the Pulse8 programme’s success, the company even received a Best Customer Experience Programme for this design, highlighting its effectiveness.

Sarah Porritt

Senior Consultant - Consulting & Technology


Felicity Whyte

Growth & Innovation Consultant

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