Global Pharmaceutical Organisation drives down speed to competence and transforms both client and new hire experience with world-class digital product simulations

  • 1350 hours saved Time saved to the business from speed to competency for new hires handling customer contacts
  • AHT (average handling time) decreased 6.13 minutes per call (on average) by the 4th week of training
  • Quality score improved significantly by 14% after training was complete


Our client, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, came to us looking to improve a number of key areas within their onboarding programme:

⮞ They wanted to shorten speed to competence

⮞ Reduce attrition rate and boost knowledge retention during and after induction.

⮞ Simplify complex call handling

⮞ Decrease AHT (Average Handling Time)

⮞ Increase quality scores

⮞ Delight customers with world-class customer service

How we helped

We believe outputs should be delivered as tailored and specific to the client as possible. To make this happen, an audit was completed to identify the ‘symptoms’ which needed addressing.

This was relating to learning transfer, content development and virtual learning capability. Based on the findings, we recommended a plan consisting of initial quick wins followed by long-term solutions.

Working closely with our client’s Global Operations and Learning teams, we conducted a full re-brand of the client’s existing content with an emphasis on soft skills and CX, to include interactive product demos and virtual facilitation considerations. The original content consisted of very complex, often technical information that was delivered over a 5-week onboarding course.

Some of the challenging scenarios would be infrequent and the skills to deal with this would fade over time.

To mitigate this risk, we split the induction into levels, focusing on quality and customer personas throughout the programme, meaning the learners would build up the necessary practical skills, quality focus, and gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and unique circumstances gradually. By using the method of building on top of the knowledge learned, the new hires were able to master one skill then take on the next, eliminating information overload.

We designed and built world-class digital product simulations, which were transformational for our client’s training experience. Their main challenge was getting hands-on experience when delivering virtually and globally; our product simulations were a welcome alternative that brought their products to life and allowed the learners to have some much-needed interactivity.


Based on the programme that we delivered, we achieved results that were sustainable for the company going forward. By moving portions of the content away from classroom facilitation, we were able to build digital learning content that was implemented in a more consistent, engaging and memorable way. This resulted in operational KPIs being achieved more steadily, reduced attrition rates, shortened time to competency and increased learner engagement.

Victoria Miles

Consulting Director

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