Improving efficiency and trust in a global markets organisation through agile scaling

  • Streamlined change delivery structure
  • Increased transparency in risk and financial management
  • Scalable agile practices adoption


A global markets organisation faced significant concerns regarding value delivery, risk levels, bureaucracy, and a culture of mistrust across their business, technology, and regulatory change programmes. Senior management enlisted the expertise of Davies to tackle these challenges and create a more efficient, collaborative working environment.

How we helped

Davies employed a ‘mindset-first’ and ‘champion-led’ approach, engaging supportive individuals within each project and function. This network of champions influenced their peers and managers by developing a client-specific interpretation of our Agile Principles.

We pinpointed the functions that best embodied the principles and used them as a template for the rest of the organisation, emphasising the replication of success over merely removing obstacles. Additionally, we revamped the governance structures, financial models, risk management, tooling, and roles and responsibilities to better align with the Agile Principles.


The global markets organisation experienced significant improvements through Davies’ efforts. They achieved a streamlined structure for delivering change, fostering collaboration between functions and establishing clear individual and collective accountabilities. Risk and financial management became simpler and more transparent, leading to increased trust within support functions. By replicating our approach, the client can now scale their agile practices implementation, resulting in a more efficient and trustworthy work environment.

Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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