Improving sales performance for leading private medical insurance company

  • Improved retention rates by 10% in the month following the full roll-out
  • Maintained an overall compliance rate of 90+% while introducing new conversational tools
  • 7% increase in conversion in new business sales the month after rolling out the training


A leading private medical insurance company approached us to assist in developing their three sales teams across two UK locations. They wanted our help to build out their existing training, to ultimately create a more practical, blended, and advanced sales approach with the goals of improving performance and maintaining the high compliance levels. To do this, we needed to identify the areas for improvement through a full learning needs analysis.

How we helped

Following our analysis, we identified three key areas to focus on: confidence, compliance, and customer experience. From this, we created four concurrent classroom modules which were delivered with high energy and impact to 180 consultants across two sites. These cohorts consisted of different team specialties, and we had adapted modules that supported co-workers to improve sales in retentions, new customer, and business-to-business contacts.

The training approach we developed in partnership with compliance, sales leaders, and training, focused on following the customer journey. We specifically focused on exploring impactful questions and presenting complex information in a compelling and persuading way that remained compliant to FCA guidelines. The two-day programme featured four modules that were adapted and further rolled out by the clients’ learning team, supported by Davies specialists.


Following Davies’ two-day training programme, we received nearly 100% satisfaction from immediate feedback, with participants reporting feeling refreshed and engaged across all tenures of service. The company also reported a 10% increase in retention in the month following the full roll-out of the programme, demonstrating its impacts on staff morale and motivation.

The post-training action plan and team leader engagement were highlighted as being particularly supporting factors in the success of the project and helped see conversions of new business sales across all three key areas increase by 7% the month following programme roll-out. This was achieved all while maintaining over 90% compliance measured by the internal QA.

Sarah Porritt

Senior Consultant - Consulting & Technology


Paul Johnson

Senior Vice President - Talent

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