Increasing leadership style awareness and effectiveness for UK housing association

  • Received 95% average participant feedback on “relevance to role” and “confidence to apply learnings”
  • Increased leaders’ relationships and productivity by 100% in the three months post-training
  • Creation and presentation of leadership action plans by each manager


Davies was approached by a UK housing association who had found themselves with a group of mid-level managers of varying experience and styles that had never received any formal type of leadership training. The organisation wanted our help to resolve this by creating and deploying a series of development sessions that would align the leaders within the business.

How we helped

Davies worked with the association’s senior leadership team to define the top competencies needed for the success of the mid-level managers. This included ethics, communication, problem solving, coaching, and teamwork.

We sought to understand each manager’s leadership style through a customised 360 feedback assessment built by us. The results were then compiled into a detailed report which was the basis for a 90-minute coaching session where bespoke action plans were created and helped to shape the session design of nine leadership workshops being created and deployed over a nine-month period.


The evaluation scores and feedback after each of the nine sessions showed that Davies’ workshops were consistently rated as being relevant to the manager’s role and increasing their confidence to apply the skills being learnt. This helped to build each manager up to create a leadership action plan which they presented to the senior leadership group, identifying the projects they were accountable for, as well as the people strategy and leadership techniques they planned to use going forward.

As well as meeting an accredited leadership standard, managers reported that their confidence, productivity, and team performance all significantly improved as a result of the training programme.

David Whittaker

Learning Experiences Consultant

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