Navigating global expansion challenges for a professional services business

  • Identified key leadership candidates for a new practice area
  • Developed a compelling business outline and investment plans
  • Successfully hired a leader and initiated team expansion


Our client, initially a niche regulatory UK firm, had grown into a global professional services firm operating across three continents. Since 2009, we have supported their growth through multiple acquisitions and organic expansion, helping them build their business with specialist teams, leadership, and subject matter experts. The firm’s founder and CEO approached us to identify a leader to establish a new practice area, first in Europe and then globally, marking it as their most important hire of the year.

How we helped

We first analysed the market to identify potential challenges in our executive search, such as a limited pool of candidates, our client’s lack of reputation in the new area, and a recent surge in senior-level moves. After three sessions with the firm’s leadership team, we developed principal messages for the market, a cogent business outline, and definitive investment plans. We also conducted a short salary survey to ensure our client’s competitiveness against their six nearest rivals.

We collaborated with our client to create an executive search timeline and plan, ensuring that all stakeholders were briefed and understood their roles. We then developed a radial market research document outlining primary and secondary target organisations and individuals. Lastly, we designed an executive search process that combined virtual and physical meetings to maintain momentum and candidate interest.


Our in-depth knowledge of the firm and the trust we had built with the senior team contributed to open and honest communication throughout the process. We created a longlist of seven individuals from our radial market research and narrowed it down to a shortlist of three candidates. The preferred candidate was interviewed, offered the position, and successfully onboarded.

We then began building a new team around this leader and started a process to fill other organisational gaps resulting from their growth and promotions. The CEO and Managing Partner’s feedback at our review meeting affirmed the success of our approach and marked another milestone in our long-lasting, successful relationship.

Dave Rose

Commercial Director

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