Revamping change leadership for a Tier 1 global bank

  • Reduced average programme delay by eight months
  • Decreased overspending by 36%
  • Minimised scope reduction by 16%


A Tier 1 global bank struggled to deliver change initiatives effectively, experiencing an average delay of eight months, 36% budget overruns, and a 16% reduction in project scope. The bank sought the expertise of Davies to help improve its change leadership and enhance the success of its change programmes.

How we helped

Davies devised a three-pronged approach to address the challenge faced by the Tier 1 global bank. Firstly, a leadership summit was organised, attended by over 600 people in groups of 50, who learned how to lead change more effectively. Secondly, a skills festival was held, featuring two 60-minute sessions that engaged 500 participants, inspiring them with new ideas to enhance change leadership.

Finally, a comprehensive five-day programme was implemented to help develop a group of leaders, helping them to:

  • Differentiate between change leadership and change management
  • Hone the “art” of change attributes to challenge thinking, empower teams, and engage stakeholders as equals
  • Strengthen personal resilience to thrive in and drive successful change.


The interventions introduced by Davies led to several positive outcomes. The “art of leadership” became a common language within the organisation, which resulted in improved management of major change initiatives. A thriving community of change leaders emerged, advocating better methods for driving the adoption of successful change. These improvements were seen across the bank’s portfolio of change programmes, illustrating the significant impact of the three interventions on the overall success rate.

David Whittaker

Learning Experiences Consultant

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