Strengthening broker networks with innovative apprenticeship levy gifting strategies

  • Collaborated with two large insurers to create apprenticeship levy gifting programmes for their broker networks
  • Enhanced professional development, building consumer trust through qualified insurance brokers
  • Established insurance career pathways, raising professionalism among SME brokers


Two large insurers, passionate about investing in people, sought to drive professionalism and expertise by attracting and retaining bright talent within the insurance industry. They aimed to provide developmental support to their brokers, reinforcing technical capability and mobility within the sector. Davies was brought in to help these insurers create broker network development programmes, utilising levy transfers and insurance apprenticeships to ensure a pipeline of future talent.

How we helped

Davies facilitated the design of two unique levy gifting programmes tailored to the insurance industry. We assisted the insurers in selecting appropriate apprenticeship standards and programme designs, incorporating internal training and support. Davies also aided in promoting the programmes, sifting through applications, and identifying individuals within broker networks with developmental needs. The selected brokers gained access to structured development training, supporting their career aspirations while raising professionalism and trust within the industry.


Over the last two years, Davies has successfully delivered apprenticeship levy gifting programmes to broker networks, fostering valuable new knowledge, skills, and behaviours in apprentices, which has proven beneficial for the insurance industry. The programmes have helped upskill brokers and raise awareness of the value of apprenticeships for career progression. Collaborating with large insurers (and their brokers) while supporting the apprentices, we have achieved a 100% first-time pass rate for the initial group of apprentices completing their end point assessments (EPA).

Victoria Miles

Consulting Director

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