Successful Complaints Remediation for Major UK Motor Finance Lender

  • Exceeded both quality and productivity metrics set


One of the largest Motor Finance Lenders and banks in the UK faced a challenge in addressing complaints relating to the commissions element of the sale of motor finance agreements over an extended period. The initial complaints received were predominantly from CMC’s with unpredictable weekly volumes that created several challenges from a resource planning perspective. Outside of CMC complaints and chasers, the incoming volumes consisted of a mix of DSAR’s, Legal queries and further enquiries from customers or their representatives.

Without having the resources or expertise to resolve the backlog and new incoming volumes, they reached out for some support.

How we helped

  • Davies created a specific forecasting model to encompass incoming volumes from multiple areas and the specific number of resources required to facilitate triage, logging, complaints and Quality control process steps.
  • To ensure accuracy of the resource required for each step, Davies conducted time and motion studies of similar project work to allow for the best-fit solution – a Team of 32 Davies Resources.
  • The work included managing new complaint volumes coming in, clearing a backlog and reviewing previously handled remediation complaints to ensure the right outcomes for customers. The team was set up with experienced remediation specialists onboarded, IT set up and the team were fully compliant ready to work within 3 weeks.
  • After a competitive RFI/RFP process, Davies was selected to provide a solution for this urgent need.
  • Once the project started Davies Data Gatherers and Case Handling Teams had to be flexible to respond to pauses in the new process to allow compliance review as they highlighted new complaint points raised by CMC’s and direct from customers.


  • The flexibility of the operational model allowed our Client to be confident in the capability we had to flex our resources and skillsets across the various workstreams and pots of work whether general complaints, more complex multi-point complaints or FOS case build and resolutions.
  • Davies exceeded both quality and productivity metrics set out by our Client with a robust operational oversight model  which led to a longer-term partnership as Davies continues to support the client to navigate the latest requirements with this type of work.
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