Transforming recruitment strategy for a multinational IT & Consultancy firm

  • 20 x specialist pensions servicing agents onboarded & trained within 6 weeks
  • Instant impact on reducing operational strain
  • 100% Delivery vs our promise


A multinational IT & Consultancy firm faced challenges in their pensions servicing contact centre. Increased customer demand and an ineffective recruitment strategy led to organisational strain and a decline in customer NPS ratings. The existing recruitment solution proved ineffective and burdened their teams.

How we helped

To address the recruitment challenge, Davies developed a targeted strategy focusing on a talent market that had eluded other suppliers. The company committed to relocating its specialist sourcing team to Scotland for the project’s duration, enhancing proximity and engagement. Candidates were invited to spend valuable on-site time at the client’s offices in Edinburgh, creating a personalised recruitment experience. A robust communication plan was implemented, ensuring transparency and control throughout the process.


The results were impressive, with 20 specialist pensions servicing agents successfully onboarded and trained within a short span of 6 weeks. Davies achieved a 100% delivery versus the promised timeline, instantly alleviating operational strain. Moreover, several agents demonstrated remarkable progress, transitioning into more complex roles after just 12 weeks, illustrating the sustained impact of the innovative talent acquisition strategy.

Thomas Henderson

Head of Resourcing Operations

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