Davies secures Department of Education Skills Bootcamp funding to help plug data skills gap in insurance industry

Davies has secured two years’ worth of government funding to deliver a national Digital Skills Bootcamp. Skills Bootcamps are short duration, flexible courses, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills. They are free to learners, with employers expected to contribute an amount towards the training. Davies have developed a unique 12-week Skills Bootcamp in Data in Insurance to meet the data skills requirements within the insurance sector.

Crucially, the initiative will enable insurers and other businesses within the industry to benefit from significant government funding to help towards developing their teams and existing workforce with essential data skills. The news comes at a time when insurers are handling an increasing amount of data as the trend of digitalisation continues to grow rapidly.

Davies’ Skills Bootcamp in Data in Insurance has been designed by our industry experts to give those working in claims, broking, and underwriting, the knowledge and skills required to understand, explain, and present the data in a way that meets the needs required by the industry.

Places on the Skills Bootcamp can also be extended to include any other roles where data is interpreted and used by insurance individuals, such as in operations, and front- and back- office roles, strengthening both organisational- and industry-wide data proficiency.

Craig Potter, Vice President – Professional Education, Davies, said: “We are thrilled to be part of such a powerful initiative to empower new and existing insurance workers to thrive in the industry. The skills shortage is increasingly applying pressure to the sector and this funding is much needed to not only plug the data skills gap that’s ever growing, but to ensure that insurance is increasing retention of vital talent within the industry by upskilling the existing workforce.”

The first cohort to take part in Davies’ Skills Bootcamp in Data in Insurance will begin their learning at the end of February. For further information about the Skills Bootcamp, please click here

Craig Potter

VP - Professional Education

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