Meet the brain to help improve your learning and memory

Imagine what you could achieve if you knew more about your brain? With neuroscientific interests in learning and memory on the increase, what better place to find out more about the brain and how it works to improve our memory and the way we learn. In this latest Learning Noodle podcast, our guest is Lauren Waldman, who is the founder of ‘Learning Pirate’. Lauren has a passion and purpose to evolve the way we learn, promoting a stronger understanding and awareness of the importance of our brain.
As well as sharing tips and techniques, this podcast also includes:
  • What we need to know about our brain and why should we care?
  • How we work with the function of the brain?
  • How we train the brain to optimise how we work with it?
  • How we use the knowledge of the brain to improve the way we learn and retain knowledge?