Learning Retention

Up to 70-80% of what is learned can be forgotten within two weeks if not followed up.

Errol Owl

Our Learning Retention Technology, Errol Owl, is a unique tool designed to increase the effectiveness of your learning solutions. It provides an easy and enjoyable way to follow up on learning and help identify knowledge gaps that can be plugged by further learning or coaching.

Errol Owl has been designed to predominately help raise the long-term impact of learning interventions. The technology is flexible and fun to use. It provides regular quiz-style questions to learners to understand what learning they have retained and remind them of essential points. Using artificial intelligence, the intelligent learning feature has a built-in capability to tailor future questions by analysing previous responses. It identifies individual learners who may be struggling and need targeted coaching.

Benefits of Errol Owl

The best thing about the technology is that you have complete control over what questions are used and how they are delivered to your learners. It provides detailed reporting that allows for in-depth analysis of knowledge retention and further learning opportunities.

Speeding up the time taken to complete by regular testing and making learning part of your culture for new starters, you will provide information and fill knowledge gaps as soon as they are discovered and in a fun way. This will enable you to make your people competent much faster! Question sets and learning can be adapted over the course of the year to keep the learning fresh.

Providing accurate, current and targeted learning insights, Errol Owl, as a technology, provides individual, team and organisational insights that let you know the hot spots of knowledge gaps and helps inform future learning needs in your business.

Engaging learners

A simple user interface provides a great learning experience. Our users enjoy the challenge and the ability to learn on the go, through a simple quiz and, where appropriate, it can be quite competitive as well. You can choose to have leader boards and shared insights.

Achieve KPIs. We often see a positive impact on operational KPIs through the use of Errol Owl including; improved AHT, improved quality scores, reduction in complaints and increased CSAT.

intelligent Owl in glasses

With Errol, you will…

  • Make your organisation’s learning “stick”
  • Achieve clear ROI on training initiatives
  • Reduce the time it takes for your people to feel competent in their roles
  • Gain deeper insights into what your people know and what they need to still discover

Let Errol Owl take to the skies and help your organisation improve customer experience, performance and the return on your learning investments.

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